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This first manual is the result of a ten-year biblical training work, started alongside the late pastor Remo Cristallo inside the Nuova Pentecoste church. The lessons were recorded and made available to a wide audience through the multimedia channels of the broadcaster TeleOltre in order to stimulate the study of Scripture and, consequently, to allow the deepening of one's biblical knowledge. It has only animated our intent to bring people closer to reading the Bible in its entirety, without preferences and omissions. Just to meet the request of the many remote users of a guide text, complementary to the video exhibitions, I have reworked the initial handouts. It is a long study path that starts from Genesis to reach the Apocalypse, offering introductory ideas to each individual book without neglecting the history of the time: an approach to biblical content accompanied by the analysis of the 'container'. The proposed course is also suitable for cellular teaching. In fact, the contents presented will be enriched by the individual student with the collected notes and video recordings. This first volume is dedicated to the overview of the world of the Bible.

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