The Ten Words for All: God's Commandments to Moses (Studying the Word)

The Ten Words for All traces the ten commandments given by God to Moses individually. Ten words of freedom and protection of others.

Hearts that beat: my young people

In my ministerial experience as a youth leader I have been consoled and built up in the soul many times, and many others denied in my opinions by the words of hearts that palpitated with love for my God.

Facebook Nétiquette: pour une utilization "chrétienne" du réseau social le plus

Many users in discovering Facebook think they have found the Araba Fenice or the hen with golden eggs. After more than ten years from birth, it needs no introduction.

The reasons that made Facebook popular on a global scale are diverse.

Now also the French edition of the book.

Sleep in the church

The text starts from a singular preaching pronounced on an unspecified date by Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Anglican pastor and dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, as well as poet and writer known to all for his literary masterpiece, a classic for children, Gulliver's Travels. Published in 1776, thirty years after the author's death, it is a vibrant sermon against the somewhat widespread habit of sleeping in church. Swift starts from the episode of Paul and Euticus in Acts 20 to focus on an unholy disinterest in preaching, especially by those who need it most. This message allows some reflections on the current state, in the hope of providing ideas for general reflection, but also for personal growth.

The parrhesía in the first Christian communities according to the book of Acts

A thesis in New Testament exegesis dedicated to the "parrhesía" of which the book of Acts is characteristic, characteristic of the first disciples sent to testify the Gospel. Starting point for a reflection on the work of the Spirit beyond speaking in tongues.

Facebook Netiquette: for a "Christian" use of the most widespread social platform in Italy


Kindle / Paper

Many users in discovering Facebook think they have found the Araba Fenice or the hen with golden eggs. After more than ten years from birth, it needs no introduction.

The reasons that made Facebook popular on a global scale are diverse

Jonah and the unacceptable mercy of God

Do you know the story of Jonah? Have you ever read the book of the same name in the Bible? If these questions were addressed to an audience of believers, they would not make sense, but the daily contact with people professing a faith without biblical knowledge has fueled my desire to reread one of the shortest and most exciting books of Scripture. I am deeply convinced that the story of this character has such charm that it captures the attention of even those who do not believe and, at the same time, the power to reveal the interest and love of God for mankind.

Un padre e due figli

La parabola del Figliol prodigo fa parte di un trittico di parabole, il cui tema è la gioia del Padre per il ritrovamento dell’uomo perduto. La prima ha come soggetto un pastore, che ha cento pecore; la seconda una donna di casa che ha dieci dracme. I due sono accomunati da una medesima sorte come proprietari: il primo, di una “pecora perduta”; la seconda di “una dracma perduta”. Il pastore ha perso il centesimo di quel che aveva, la donna il decimo. Tutte le parabole sono percorse da numerosi e identici verbi: “perdere”, “cercare insistentemente”, “ritrovare”, “rallegrarsi”, “convocare gli amici e i vicini”, che esprimono la condivisione della gioia per il ritrovamento. Tutti questi verbi costituiscono...

The vintner and the fig tree: Everyone needs manure

The parable narrated in Luke's gospel (ch. 13, vv.

6-9) contains implications and applications for our life.

The figure of the winemaker is the main object of reflection with his willingness to take care of and fertilize the fig tree condemned to be cut.

Believers under construction

This text is the result of the activity of the Ministerial Laboratory, an area of biblical formation and study born in the bosom of the New Pentecost Evangelical Churches and edited by me.

Lab Min was born with the intent to meet the need for spiritual growth of believers eager to contribute to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the building up of the Church.

Elijah and Elisha

The figures of Elijah and Elisha may be the right compass to guide us towards understanding a prophetic ministry, albeit a particular one, today latent and too confused in the church. In the prophets there is not only the word of God, but human depth, ideas, passions and above all actions that bring them closer to each of us and make them feel our friends. In fact, what is preeminent in their figures is not verbal interventions, but their undertakings. We all prefer facts to words.

Studiando la Parola, vol. 1

Questo primo manuale è frutto di un decennale lavoro di formazione biblica, iniziato al fianco del compianto pastore Remo Cristallo all’interno della chiesa Nuova Pentecoste. Le lezioni sono state registrate e rese disponibili per un vasto pubblico attraverso i canali multimediali dell’emittente TeleOltre al fine di stimolare lo studio della Scrittura e, di conseguenza, da consentire l’approfondimento della propria conoscenza biblica. Ci ha esclusivamente animato l’intento di avvicinare le persone alla lettura della Bibbia nella sua interezza, senza preferenze e omissioni. Proprio per far fronte alla richiesta dei tanti utenti a distanza di un testo guida, complementare alle esposizioni video, ho rielaborato le dispense iniziali. Si tratta di un lungo percorso di studio che parte dal Genesi per giungere all’Apocalisse, offrendo spunti di introduzione ad ogni singolo libro senza tralasciare la storia del tempo: un approccio al contenuto biblico accompagnato dall’analisi del ‘contenitore’. Il corso proposto si presta anche agli insegnamenti cellulari. Infatti, i contenuti presentati potranno essere arricchiti dal singolo studente con le note raccolte e le registrazioni video. Questo primo volume è dedicato alla panoramica sul mondo della Bibbia.



To respond to the aspiration and desire of so many honest believers to smuggle the talents received, I have pledged to train faithful men and women for "a service that serves", following the invitation of Jesus (Mt 20: 26-27). The proposed material aims to offer opportunities for training and personal growth not to be feared by others, but a sharing to grow together, far from controversy, accusations and any form of judgment aimed at fueling unnecessary disagreements and disputes. I'm trying!


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