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Faith is life and the church is a living body in continuous growth. This is why I put my ministerial call to the service of the church, so that believers live their faith with joy by striving to serve others.


The Ministerial Laboratory born in 2011 has so far allowed the birth and development of a group of valid disciples and future collaborators in the ministry, has offered opportunities for reflection on topics that cannot find space in the many ecclesial activities. At the same time, the weekly commitment continues with the lessons of Studying the Word, in-depth meetings and biblical reflection which are placed on Monday in the premises of the "New Pentecost" Church in Aversa (CE).


Regarding those who had the privilege of being part of the first group, Jesus commanded those who had discipled: "Make disciples". Today I feel a strong echo of this command. For this reason, in the role hitherto held in the New Pentecost ministry, I am working to meet this imperative, offering all believers, especially the youngest in faith and over the years, the opportunity to measure their desire to serve the Lord through a path of discipleship entitled "Believers under construction". Through the recording of the meetings and their proposal through the web and the Christian broadcaster TeleOltre we try to reach believers everywhere.


The course offers eight general fortnightly meetings on the topics of discipleship. These will be followed by some (at least two) meetings organized by the various ministerial areas and by the direct ministers responsible, in order to deepen the vocation of each one in the Christian service.


The program


  • The Father's house: our project of discipleship

  • The ground for construction: the disciple

  • How to build: Christian service

  • Let's lay the foundation: Scripture and what we believe

  • The person in charge of the work: the Spirit and his work in us

  • Workmates: prayer and study (training)

  • The quality certificate: loyalty

  • General phase conclusion: let's go through the phases

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